It has been a great summer so far for coffee. Our second grinder has been pumping out Jaspers Blend 10 to great feedback. Our regulars and locals have been able to try something different, whilst in turn encouraging our barista's to further develop their palates.

We will keep the Blend 10 going for quite sometime as it has been going so well, any suggestions for the next blend would be helpful however.  

We have a few new barista's that we have been working hard training up over the summer, through obviously hands on experience and guidance at the cafe and encouraging them to get out on their own drinks lots of coffee and soak up whatever information they can through speaking to barista's or written information.  

One great website that has been helpful is Barista Hustle. Melbournes own Matt Perger has created an excellent resource that is written in such an approachable way it's relevant for barista's of all experience levels and coffee lovers alike. Defiantly worth checking out at and signing up for their weekly newsletter.

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