The hugely popular Cafe Femenino is our house blend. This coffee is produced by Women's only Cooperative, a World's First.

Sweet silky smooth mellow coffee, with a fine berry finish.  A commitment to Quality and Equality in Life. For every Kilogram sold, extra funds (in addition to the FAIRTRADE premium) go to assist women growers manage community development projects in Peru.

Soft clean tastes of spicy ripe plum, sweet silky Cabernet with hints of dark chocolate.


Secondary Grinder

Our secondary grinder serves whatever our barista is loving at the moment meaning it will change up every so often.

At the moment we have the lovely Blend 10 being put through its paces.

Very rich, very rounded, very chocolatey, very aromatic, very damn good!

It certainly lives up to its name and goes wonderfully with soy, if that's your thing.